What is the service and business scope of Yiyun Clothing Co., Ltd.?

Our company focuses on cross-border trade and the global sales and customization of products, providing services such as spot supply, light customization of packaging, labelling, logo and personalized customization of product style, size and colour, as well as export-oriented services

How is the quality of your products? And what kind of guarantee can be provided for cross-border customers?

The quality of our products has been polished for a dozen years since our products are aimed at the global market with high-quality products and service as our symbol. Moreover, we provide products with multiple price levels to meet the needs of different markets around the world. Therefore, the quality of products can be guaranteed with after-sales service for an unlimited period provided.

Is your product supply stable?

We have formed a stable supply chain, with the inventory products valuing up to RMB 10 million, which is a continuous and fast supply chain.

What is the scale of the offline development of your company?

Our company owns two stores in Yiwu International Wholesale Market, Zhejiang. We also have set up our office in World-Wide House, and production plants in Jiangsu and Guangzhou. Welcome friends from all over the world come to visit and buy our products.